Raksha Malde-Kara is a media professional with over twenty-one years of experience, and has worked in a range of sectors, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the industry, with over ten years of experience in the B2B sector.

Having worked in agency, client-side and in consultancy within the B2B sector, and in the consumer landscape, she has demonstrated creativity and a talent for skillful storytelling across a wide range of audiences in new sectors. She works in strategy covering:

  • Media strategy and vertical sectors.
  • Data analysis and business intelligence.
  • Marketing, pre-sales and sales.
  • Mapping out markets and competitive landscapes.
  • Data strategy framework for medium and long-term.

Raksha began creating media strategies for individuals in the B2B financial services sector and in the professional services sectors, including technology and IT, and also specialises in brand consultancy.

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Her other work includes:

B2B PR & Corporate Communications

B2B Publicity

Technology & Digital

She introduced her health and wellbeing UK consumer journalism brand, which is now a B2B trademark, in the international B2B retail sector in 2014, working with suppliers and businesses on the continent. She specialises in developing strategies to publicise well-known brands in new sectors, and works with innovative companies.