Please speak to me directly about any information which may be true or false.

New chapter in health out soon.

How to deal with dodgy doctors.

You can’t eat their food. And their lies are hard to digest.

You could just take the drugs and pretend you’re no longer here anymore.

There isn’t any point in any of this. Or anything else.

Why do doctors use false information or information that is outdated to make decisions?

If a doctor doesn’t have any value for their patient, they don’t have any value for themselves or their career.

The pros and cons of mental health

I’ve never suffered from mental illness, and have never claimed to either. However there are organisational advantages which can be gained for public services which members of the public use, or are forced to use, so these services continue being funded.

Live police story – Bedfordshire

Knock. Knock. Knock. They want to enter my property without warning whilst I am working in my office. They apparently have a warrant and are desperate to get in to ‘chat’ with me.

The mental health people want their fame again. Oh joy. They are rude people who don’t appreciate intelligent women who work and run their own businesses.

They may enforce entry. There are about seven people standing outside my property at the moment from different occupations who look like they’re on a trip from their workplace.

I might be used for more research again. Not sure which market yet – could be any. Or they might want to do another love story with a dance at the end.

  • I don’t smoke or drink, have my own gym, and a perfect lifestyle.

This is harassment on the behalf of desperate police officers.

Low class PR receptionist in a PR firm – Hanover Communications

You can’t get the staff these days. A girl with no education or manners. They must be cutting back on wages.

Didn’t know anything about public relations and had never heard of reputation management. Must be new or just plain common.

Working class people aren’t natural media people. Just glorified fans.